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Working with Healthcare

Dr Boilers provide top quality services to the Healthcare sectors from doctors' surgeries to Hospitals, working to the highest specifications and standards.

Commercial & Industrial Plant Maintenance

Dr Boilers combine our specialist care and attention, a passion for heating and cooling systems, with competitive pricing and technical expertise we are able to consistently deliver above and beyond for our Clients whatever their business sector or requirements.

Covering Reading, the Thames Valley and the surrounding area we specialise in plant servicing, reactive maintenance and diagnostics.

Annual Boiler Servicing

We are passionate about maintenance and believe quality preventative, regular boiler and burner servicing not only minimises down time but ensures optimum fuel efficiency and prolongs the life of your appliances leaving systems running economically and reliably. During our servicing process we advise you concisesly and effectively with quality reporting and 24-hour availability of information, with recommendations made clearly and directly and quotations turned around promptly to minimise the risk of breakdowns.

Our service contracts are available within all business sectors as well as to our domestic clients and are tailored specifically to suit your individual Client requirements, discussed with your dedicated Engineer who will follow you through the whole process and liaise with you until completion and beyond. We will reassess these requirements at regular intervals to keep the quality of the service as high as possible.

Preventative regular burner and boiler servicing not only minimises down time but also ensures optimum fuel efficiency. Service contracts are tailored to suit individual customer requirements.

Reactive Maintenance

With our dedicated team of dedicated and experienced engineers we provide an exceptional, second-to-none reactive maintenance service for the unfortunate situation of a breakdown. We will visit for a fixed fee and check your system, provide an on-site permanent repair if possible, or temporary repair if possible, and if required offer a quotation for the permanent repair of your system and the returning of full service.

We also provide an exceptional, 24-hour emergency call-out service for our reactive maintenance with almost instant reaction to all emergency situations at all times of day or night focused on maintening your business throughout any failure wherever possible.

Our Range

We supply equipment from only the best manufacturers, who we have used for years and trust for their quality, functionality and reliability.